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LSIdaho is a full service U.S. Customs broker. We have the ability to make consumption entries, personal effect entries, warehouse entries and other government agency entries.With over 25 years’ experience by the licensed broker, we can ensure compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. We are a Remote Location Filer (RLF) with U.S. Customs. This program allows LSIdaho to make entry at any USA port of entry. We work well with all freight forwarders, allowing importers flexibility of freight forwarders while ensuring their Customs broker remains the same.
  • Consulting for Import Compliance – user-friendly tools
  • Dedicated import specialist handling your international shipments from origin to door.
  • On-line, secure, password protected server for document storage
  • Landed cost calculations
  • In-bond moves to importers entry port of choice
  • Annual Customs Bonds or Single Entry Bonds
  • Carnet services

    **Merchandise Processing Fee Adjustment Announcement**

    Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) is a tax accessed on import entries based upon Total Entered Value (TEV). 

    The MPF rate is 0.3464%.

    Formal entries ($2500.00 and over)
  • Minimum is $26.22 (will change to $26.79 October 1st, 2019)
  • Maximum $508.70. (will change to $519.76 October 1st, 2019)
    Informal entries (less than $2500.00)
  • Minimum $2.10. (will change to $2.14 October 1st, 2019) 

  • Certain Free Trade Agreements allow the MPF to be waived.  Contact us for more information!


LSIdaho can assist with both ocean, air and export services. Depending on your transportation needs, we can advise you of different carriers, based on speed, service and price. We offer worldwide transportation arrangements, with support for less than container loads, full container loads and oversized cargo. In order to make sure you are in compliance with US Export regulations, we will assist with the documentation and file the shipment with U.S. Customs. This will also make the process as easy as possible for the consignee.
  • Export rate negotiations
  • Booking / Shipment Handling
  • Dedicated export clerks handling your shipments from origin to port of arrival.
  • Export clearance filing
  • Documentation Services – Based on Country requirements
  • Record-keeping – Export management and document imaging via customer specific web interface
  • HTS/Schedule B classification
  • Freight insurance, we offer cargo insurance covering C&F values.


LSIdaho's compliance department offers personalized services with user friendly tools for corporate management, buyers and sales people. We help companies understand their responsibilities with the various U.S. Government import/export regulatory agencies.
  • Import/Export Compliance Manuals which are available on a customized web portal, by CD-ROM, and/or print
  • Broker and Vendor KPI’s
  • HTSUS and Schedule B classification services
  • Parts classification database management
  • Entry auditng
  • Unused merchandise duty drawback filing
  • Records retention and management
  • Online, secure password protected record keeping websites available
  • Under Customs Modernization Act and “informed compliance” all U.S. Importers are expected to be informed on customs laws and be in compliance with these laws. It is not only beneficial to you as an Importer, but mandatory that you understand the customs laws.
  • The best source of information regarding importing is on the Customs web page at http://www.cbp.gov . U. S. Customs has stated that importers should consider use of experts as a means of demonstrating “reasonable care” as provided by the Customs Modernization Act. A licensed broker is one of the defined experts.
  • We offer user friendly tools, guiding you towards regulatory compliance!